Alt Sounds says Dreams in Static got more soul than the Rolling Stones

Great write up in AltSounds today. Here it is:

So who doesn’t love new music? No one raised their hands? GOOD, because Dreams In Static has released their music video for their first single ‘You’re On Your Own’ off of their upcoming album Part Of The Machine by partnering with the Wall Street Journal. No, this isn’t a Segway into an article about numbers, calm down.

{click here to watch}

This debut music video, directed by award winning Jonty Fine, Chief Director of Bancs Media, can be viewed on The WallStreet Journal website

Dreams in Static is a project formed by LA based hip-hop producer Diwon and New York City producer and songwriter Dugans. Straight off of their highly anticipated album, the two partners hired on Akie Bermiss to add on some beautiful vocals into the already dreamy Dreams In Static grooves. “If hip-hop is dead to the underground and rock is dead to the mainstream, Dream sin Static resurrects the two and blends their elements into one sonic sonnet,” explains Diwon. It’s like John Mayer meets The Rolling Stones with more soul; yes it’s possible. Bringing in sexy guitar tones and soul singing that have left the world of quality music, these three partners in crime resurrect the passionate and dynamic sound to popular music. Nice one dudes…I mean sirs.

Purchase “You’re On Your Own” on iTunes, here:

Keep an eye out for Dreams In Static’s upcoming album Part Of The Machine, set to release later this year. Purchase Dreams In Static’s previous album, Serene Poetic, here: For more information, please visit:

Check out more on Dreams In Static here:

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