BB King of Blues, We Will Miss You!

Some words from Akie Bermiss of Dreams in Static.

“and there is a reason we, some of us, keep the night watch.

I saw the notification pop up into my desktop (as dozens of notifications over the day had done so innocuously before) and the news that the great BB King is gone.
it makes me think of all the curious doors music has opened up in my soul. reminds me of my father and mother and their dusty stacks of LPs. the ones they dragged out on weekends and played for us. I remember the Jimi and the Al Green, WAR, and the

Temptations. and, yes, B. B. King.
and I think of how my started my own meager vinyl collection around the super-saturated nucleus of records I stole from them.

in the future, we will pass on our harddrives of poorly ripped, downloaded, torrented and poorly labeled music files to the next generation?

any ways. I am glad I was awake. plenty deep thoughts to carry with me to sleep.”

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