Richie Quake’s Dreams

We are obsessed with Dreams, both actual and this song by Richie Quake – !

Richie Quake is a born and raised Brooklyn singer, songwriter, producer and DJ. He first entered the spotlight with a stream of tracks that flooded the underground music scene.

Richie Quake’s latest work is a break from his past, drawing inspiration from Quake’s experiences working as a DJ for the past few years. Existing in the space after the party ends and before the world begins, his music is about the thoughts and reflections on life that you have only when nothing else is around to distract you.Richie’s new single “Dreams” explores the meaning of the word in both senses – the images and emotions we experience in sleep, and the aspirations we have for ourselves in the waking hours – as well as touching themes of escapism and religion. While the verses are filled with surreal situations, the chorus is a direct plea to escape from the pressures of real life.

Since then, Richie’s unique brand of modern alternative-pop, marked by slow powerful sounds and reflective lyrics, has garnered the artist a strong following and praise from online publications including Fader and Nylon Magazine.

Listen to Dreams in the Slaylist!

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