Eric and Happie’s Folk Love Born of Jewish Summer Camp

img_4259We are loving Eric and Happie’s debut album ‘It’s Yours’! It was just released to the world, and it’s already hit #13 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter chart! Excited to be working with them and promoting their album that came about from their folkish love born of Jewish Summer Camp.

The two met 8 years ago, and 5 years later became a couple, writing lines that bring to mind Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. In songs like “It’s Yours”, the lyrics depict classic old country romance, “If there’s any love left in these old bones of mine, it’s yours”, the couple truly convey being wise beyond their years. The EP’s title track is Happie’s favorite, “It speaks to so many people and so many couples when they hear it.” she stated, “It’s the idea of dedicating yourself to someone, even after having been in other, very real relationships before.” For the traveller at heart, songs Like Louisiana and Oklahoma will hit close to home no matter where you are from.

The album highlights the honest weight of love and with a sound reminiscent of Tennis meets The Strumbellas, and a bit of The Civil Wars, their harmonies and song titles might make you jealous of a millennial heart, impossible to attain.

#13 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter Chart:



Emily Sullivan
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