Culture Pop II


Studio Bancs continues its popular mixed media collaborative art and installation event dubbed Culture Pop. The event, which takes place on the third Thursday of each month features some of the most visible and sought after artists in and around Los Angeles and the world. The next Culture Pop will take place Thursday August 21st and will feature Chali 2na, Chris Saunders, Byflore, Jeff Hamilton and more.

Additional info:
Events are Free with RSVP
Studio Bancs: 2643 S. Fairfax Ave, 90232

* Culture Pop II is curated by Lissa M Kivisto and Studio Bancs.


With his unmistakable baritone voice and 6-and-a-half foot charm, Chali 2na has established himself as one of hip-hop’s preeminent and charismatic personalities, and has also garnered renowned praise as a visual artist across a wide spectrum of mediums. Chali relocated from Chicago to LA in the early 80’s when he was entering his teens and was instantly engulfed by the hip hop and graffiti movements. As his music career began to flourish, his artistic talents also expanded past the walls of city streets and onto canvas. Now, as Chali’s collection continues to grow he is finding unique ways to share his visual art with the World, and demand for it is snowballing. Last year, Chali 2na reunited with the LA Hip Hop collective, Jurassic 5 that he co-founded, for a long run of Festival appearances and a World Tour that began with Coachella in April and continues thru today.

Originally born and raised in New York City, Moncho1929’s known for his iconic animal-inspired street art. This series of works are meant to bring attention to the ongoing civil wars in Africa and the decimation of the animal population as a result. The colors used are loosely based on various African flag colors and military fatigues.

Chris Saunders is an american mixed media artist living in Venice Beach, CA. After having a near death experience in 2009, Chris found himself being compelled to create images that were pouring from his subconscious that explored themes of connectedness, abstraction, and psychedelic experience. Chris utilizes art and design as a vehicle to promote inspiration, productive rebellion, intentional evolution, and self awareness.

Christopher Florentino, known as “Flore” [pronounced Floor-ee], is a hot new artist who’s work echoes influences of the late Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol. Flore aims to strip away all of the filters society places on our lives, all of the habits we get stuck in, the rules we blindly follow, and the stereotypes we subconsciously subscribe to; “I try to see things simple, but you can get lost very easily in the monotonous pattern of life. Hi-def, multi-colored filters, or distractions, can mask reality; I want to deconstruct and expose those layers for what they really are, not just what they seem”, he says.

Culture Pop II is curated by Lissa M Kivisto and Studio Bancs.

The series if Free to the Public with an RSVP. To RSVP email,

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