Aqua Art Miami

Exhibition Details: Gallery 38 will present a group show at this Aqua Art Miami featuring our roster of artists shown with successful galleries shows this year. Each artist represents different backgrounds (Race, Religion, etc.) as well as use different mediums (Photography, Sculpture, Paint, etc.) to exude their experiences and realities. The exhibition includes Moncho 1929, Sharon Barnes, Reisig and Taylor, Sam Pace, and Patrick Henry Johnson.

The show titled “Race/Related” digs deeper into the intricacies of the human being and his/her place in society. With each artist having works that exhibit identity, self-awareness, and urban poetry, this show hopes to continue to the conversation that in our differences we are extravagantly similar, and those similarities when merged together create something better than an individualistic society, they create a melting pot of forward-thinking ideas.

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