Moshav ft. Matisyahu “World on Fire” (Video Production)

In time for Chanukah, Moshav releases its new music video, “World on Fire” featuring Grammy-nominated artist, Matisyahu. At a time when holiday shoppers are tripping over each other to buy presents, the video shows that the greatest of gifts requires very little money. The camera follows a $20 bill as it passes through the hands of children and adults that have different hopes and hardships. Produced by Bancs Media, the video boasts a stellar cast of actors. Moshav, whose first studio album was titled “The Things You Can’t Afford” continues the theme of kindness as the best currency in their new album “New Sun Rising.”  “World on Fire” is the infectious lead single of the album.

Watch the video and answer one or both of the following questions to win a copy of their latest album!
1. If you found $20 in the street, how would you spend it this holiday season?
2. How did this video inspire you?

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