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Taste Of The



“80s synths and h2the’s signature layered beats come together in a sampling of epicness, appropriately dubbed, Taste Of The” – Guy Emanuel

INFO: For h2the’s first release he drops a beat tape that is literally only available on cassette. Forcing fans to get out of their comfort zones, digest the music, and work a bit more heavily seems to be his brand’s raison d’être. In order for people other than analog enthusiasts to hear it, there is a digital-only teaser of the mixtape, which is its own release and is not simply a few moments from the mixtape. The teaser, called “Taste Of The” and is available as of today on Spotify, Apple Music on Nov 16th, 2017.”

* The full beat tape, running 20 minutes per side, with a limited run of 250 signed and numbered solid yellow cassettes, is available only on h2the’s site ( and Bancs (