Sausage Party?

When we first saw this trailer, we thought it was a just a funny joke, in the style of The Lonely Island with Seth Green and Rogen in the drivers seat, but apparently it’s real. I guess it’s a bit like the book, “Go the F**k to Sleep” that our friend Adam Mansbach wrote, where it’s for the kid in you, but you can’t do it when the kid is around.

Sausage Party, the first R-rated CG animated movie, is about one sausage leading a group of supermarket products on a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what really happens when they become chosen to leave the grocery store. The film features the vocal talents of a who’s who of today’s comedy stars – Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, Nick Kroll, David Krumholtz, Edward Norton, and Salma Hayek.

#SausagePartyMovie in Theaters August 12, 2016

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