Warning: If you receive an email from Gerard Downing, delete it immediately

To all concerned,

I am so sorry for the trouble. We have been alerted that Bancs Media has been victim of fraud and that Gerard Downing has been cyber-squatting and scamming folks posing as our company and conducting business unbeknownst to us. 14 other production companies that we know of have also been affected by this. He has been emailing from info@bancsmediainc.com and/or career@bancsmediainc.com which we have since taken down. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and/or your businesses.

UPDATE: We spoke with some of the other production companies that were also victims of this scam and they said that this is what he has been doing, “they send you a check, the check bounces, but you don’t know it has bounced till days later, meanwhile, he has you send a check to the travel agent which is actually his partner. His partner and him cash that check and only after, you find out the check they sent you has bounced.”

All the best,
Erez Safar, CEO

p.s. Please ignore any emails like the following that he has been sending out:

Thanks for your response to our ad. You have been invited to plan and
organize a commercial production that will be held on the weekend of 07-10-
15 to 07-12-15 in 5130 Hacienda Drive, Dublin, CA 94568 to plan on how the
following details below will be carried out and others. This commercial is
for our client PEPSI and it is to be titled “LEGACY”. We are seeking the
services of a production assistant to help plan and organize the commercial
production and i hope that you will be willing to travel as the company
be covering all expenses (transportation, accommodation and feeding).
I want you to know that this is not a full time position or a part-time to
full time position but a freelance position with Bancs Media, Inc. After
your services with the company in Dublin, we will be seeking your services
from time to time when future productions present itself.
You will be paid $400/day which will amount to $1200 for the 3 days. Your
duties will include the following but are not limited;
– assisting with answering telephones
- filing paperwork and data entry
- arranging lunches, dinners, and transportation reservations
- photocopying, general office administration
- distributing production paperwork.
- acting as a courier
- helping to keep the set clean and tidy and distributing call sheets,
health and safety notices, and other paperwork
- help to coordinate the extras
Company profile:
Bancs Media is an award winning production company with expertise in
branding, video, interactive design, commercials, and music videos. We
specialize in knowing your brand inside and out in order to create content
that reflects the essence of your entity. Our productions and projects are
trend-setting viral pieces that bridge art and marketing, creating
compelling content that rises above the existing digital noise. We mirror
the hard work that you put into your brand with our creative energy and
production of your public face.
Bancs Media works with brands, bands, and businesses of all sorts, helping
them stand out with share-able content that has messages and meaning. We
blend the look and feel of hipster chic with a mainstream editorial style,
creating interactive design, share-able content, and easy to navigate
platforms that are dynamic and fresh as well as both timeless and
Instruction: Please respond with your contact information where a check
be mailed out to and will be used for all traveling and lodging expenses
a designated travel agent (more information will be provided as we
progress). You will also be provided with more information regarding the
event, travel arrangement, etc.

Gerard Downing

Production Manager



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