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Light of the Infinite (Book Series) by Erez Safar


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Fall in love with life, through weekly bursts of ancient Jewish mystic inspiration!

In this Light of Infinite book series, I act as your spiritual DJ, curating mystical insights into the weekly Torah portion and the infinite light of Kabbalah. Just like on the dance floor, where the right song at the right moment can elevate your physical being, it’s my hope that this book will elevate your spiritual being in the moments when you need it most.

Praise for Erez Safar:

“Safar, whose family has roots in Yemen dating back over 2,000 years, is eager to raise awareness of Judaism’s cultural diversity.”
– Amanda Petrusich, The New York Times

“The constant among Safar’s endeavors is to move his vision of Sephardic culture forward.“
– Tad Hendrickson, Wall Street Journal

“Safar’s been called the “hardest working man in the Jewish music industry,” but in the decade since that particular accolade, he’s branched out into so much more.”
– Madison Margolin, Times of Israel

Praise for Light of the Infinite: 

`“While our culture often exacerbates feelings of inadequacy, stress, competition, and isolation, Erez Safar’s Light of the Infinite offers a welcome illumination of philosophies and practices that calm inner turmoil and cultivate positivity. We are all seeking joy and harmony inside and outside ourselves… this book provides valuable tools to advance that quest.”
Shepard Fairey, Obey Giant

“For readers who are new to these practices of Judaism, every page will have a new concept they can take with them on their own journey.”
– Brian Fishbach, Jewish Journal

“These pages are filled with love for G-d, Torah and the Jewish people”
David Sacks, The Simpsons

“As author Erez Safar points out, “Becoming the hero of our own story” is the essence of Jewish learning. Light of the Infinite is a wonderful new resource for the study of the profound ideas of Judaism. The book is written with passion, depth, and most importantly – joy.”
Stephen Tobolowsky actor and author of My Adventures with God

“Erez does an elegant job of distilling and synthesizing scripture and commentary, particularly the gematria and the Kabbalistic wisdom, in a deeply accessible way. Reading these pieces every day will enrich anyone’s life, and profoundly increase their Jewish knowledge.”
Adam Mansbach, author of Go the F**k to Sleep

“The authentic spiritual searcher of today won’t compromise on anything less than drinking from a fountain of authenticity. This is precisely what one can find when delving into the treasure of teachings of my dear friend, Erez Safar, who has beautifully provided the manuscript in front of you.”
Rav Shlomo Katz

“Whether you’re newly curious about Jewish texts or a seasoned talmudist, Light of the Infinite will surprise and delight you. Drawing on a broad range of Jewish sources, Safar weaves seamless lessons of life, love, joy and transcendence. Highly recommended!”
– Salvador Litvak
, Accidental Talmudist

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** In the Light of the Infinite book series, Erez Safar, helps readers to fall in love with life, and become light through a weekly burst of ancient Jewish mystic inspiration! Light of the Infinite’s goal is to radiate positivity from within, to be able to dive into oneself and search beyond the realm of consciousness. The series is focused on bringing in more blessings into one’s life through connecting to oneself and being present through stories, examples and kabbalic wisdom.

The first three books in the series are out now!

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The project began on the Yartzeit (yearly memorial) of my ex wife’s mother’s passing, and it’s inspired by both her (Yehudis Chava bat Yakov Dov) and my mother (Frida Levona bat Shalom), who passed the same year. My goal with this project that began in February, 2021 and will complete on April 2022 is to spread that inspiration and Light that I received and still receive from them. Using each week’s Torah portion, delving deep into the text, the commentaries, and the Kabbalah connected to it, I’ll share insights that bring that inspiration and Light to life for me, and will hopefully do the same for you.

As physical creatures, we can’t fully defeat the forces of fate; we’re constricted by time and space. But our souls– the parts of us that are infinite– can reach beyond these constrictions. It’s only when we choose with our souls to surpass our limitations that we can connect to the true, everlasting, joyful freedom that can only be found in the Light of the Infinite. This book acts as cheat codes to Holiness through revelation of concealed Light.

I hope that these words inspire you to delve deeper into the Torah and kabbalisitc texts, and, as Chaim Vital says, “One can go deeper and deeper, as far as the human mind can delve, and it will always yield new treasures.”

Much love for all your enthusiasm and support💜🙌🏽
Erez Safar

* note: this pre-order will act as your purchasing the first book to be released in the series.



“Our journey is one of perpetual desire to simultaneously be present and to transcend, to know and be known, to love and be loved. Light of the Infinite joins a chorus of light, illumining the way, guiding us on that journey.”
Zevi Slavin, Seekers of Unity

“I am grateful to use these texts to help resynchronize my brain and soul to better enjoy my time on this planet. Fortunate are we for this work that brings the light of our ancestors into the palms of our hand and fortunate are these writings to be added to the blockchain of Israelite wisdom.”
Rabbi Harry Rozenberg, Trippy

“With the healing words of The Arizal, Rebbe Nachman, The Alter Rebbe and others in hand, Erez Safar leads us down the circuitous path of being human, vulnerably laying out the vicissitudes of life. But any descent is for the sake of a subsequent ascent into the depths of the Infinite light that saturates the very issues we encounter along Safar’s textual path. The reader will always come away feeling lighter, breathing calmer, and just a little bit more hopeful.”
Rav Joey Rosenfeld

Amazing, inspiring, and transformational. As soon as I began to read, I could not stop. The author is truly an artist, creating through words an adventure for the soul that awakens both love and awe. The book is beautifully written, informative, and experiential. Pure soul food. Highly recommended for all seekers of truth, wisdom, and connection. Absolutely brilliant. A MUST-read.
Kochava Leah, author of Live with Love

“This book is a heartfelt work of art. The lessons of light in this book are beautifully written, expressed, and explained.”
– Melissa Drake, author of TrancenDANCE

“Erez told me that one of my lyrics in particular really resonated with him, it’s from my song, Lifted and goes, “when confusion takes a hold of me, then I forget who I am, but I don’t forget whose I am.” This Light of the Infinite book series is a guide to understanding the truth of this statement, highlighting our own inner healing through the spiritual work of unifying with our Creator, never forgetting that we are His and He is ours.”
– Nissim Black 

Safar writes brilliantly in this work of mysticism and spirituality. He finds his stride as our collective “spiritual DJ” — curating the experience and insights in a way that can elevate your soul and intellect. The eclectic style and earnest tone make a good combo for anyone interested in understanding more about the esoteric wisdom of kabbalah.”

– Ben Piven, author of Samaritan Cookbook

“Safar’s books stress the importance of breaking oppression, helping the needy, and being kind and joyous always.”

– Alan Zeitlin, JNS

So enjoyable to access the wisdom of our forefathers in a way that speaks to us today. Erez manages to be a curator and vehicle for us to digest and internalize the teachings of some of the greatest sages man has known. A must have for those seeking balance, wisdom and a deeper relationship with the power that drives our reality.”

– Avishay Zelmanovich

“All of life’s journeys and lessons that stay with us instinctively made its way in ‘Light of the Infinite’. The feelings and experiences we have that are hard to put into words are done so majestically through Torah, Rabbinic texts, and the Kabballah. Erez is ahead of his time in this work to bring everyday experiences and marry them with Judaism and the love of God. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to reconnect to their Judaic roots, or those who need a fresh perspective. Such a feel-good read!”

– Amazon review

“Erez’s extraordinary dedication to the weekly Torah portions and the profound chassidic teachings that surround it bring a cool hipster vibe and relevance to anyone seeking light, love, and profundity in their lives. He’s done an astounding job of a magnanimous caliber in this Light of the Infinite book series. Erez rocks, his teachings follow suit. He’s always surrounded by tremendous, epic people, and deep teachings.

The fact that Erez has spent countless hours, every week over the course of nearly 2 years, producing these 5 manuscripts as a dedication to his mother’s memory, shows that he is a living example of the Torah. A person who takes a tragedy and turns it into a blessing is someone who practices what he preaches.

We have an idea in Judaism that the source of the content has an influence over the content, and the source of this content is not only stimulating intellectual relevant modern hip ideas that connect us to modern culture and Torah, but it also comes from a pure place from a person with such tremendous intentions to raise his mothers soul whilst inspiring the others of his readers. Highly recommend this to anyone interested in funky spirituality, mental health, and a modern twist on the ancient text of the Infinite.”
– Nili Salem

“In my 2.5 years of learning Daf Yomi, I’ve generally focused on the Pshat  – a literal or direct reading of the text of the Talmud. Occasionally the Remez, the allegorical or symbolic level of learning. But I rarely venture into the Sod. I do not actively seek for the secret meaning, the mystical meaning, the Kabbalistic interpretation, for inspiration.

Light of the Infinite reminds me how important it is to explore these further reaches of understanding – regardless of whether I do or do not, at this moment in time, feel a connection to HaShem, or to my spiritual self. All of these aspects together can offer a far greater holistic understanding of the magnificent interlocking facets of Judaism, and the scope of Jewish thought, and Jewish spiritual practice, than what I can gain from only the literal text on the page.

What Erez Safar is doing with “Light of the Infinite” and his dvars is offering an access point to that very feeling of discovery and understanding, in a relatable and illuminating approach. I especially appreciate how Erez juxtaposes quotes from Talmudic sages, Chassidic Rebbes, and noted modern thinkers and leaders with the voices of activists, musicians, and artists – a beautiful merger of art and soul. I think his approach is one that many Jews are looking for, and will connect to in a deep and meaningful way.”
Miriam Anzovin, Daf Reactions” TikTok series


– Amazon reviewer



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1st Book – The Genesis of Light, 2nd Book – The Exodus of Darkness, 3rd Book – The Sound of Illumination, 4th Book – Transformation in The Desert of Darkness, 5th Book – Emanations of Illumination, 5 Books (all of the series)