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  • Love Is Not The End
  • New Game: Remixed
  • Sex War
  • Pre​-​Game (a hi​-​fidelity instrumental album)
  • Part of the Macine
  • New Game
  • Syndication
  • Sephardic Music Festival, Vol. 2
  • Tyrone Gosling
  • Extraordinary Love
  • The Takeover feat. Andy Milonakis
  • Sephardic Music Festival Vol. 1
  • Dreams in Static
  • Live For Now
  • The Beat Guide To Yiddish
  • Honey Dijon
  • See Me

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New 80s Synth Style Music Cinematic (Instrumental Score) Folk & Rock Rock (Black Keys Swampy Style) Instrumental (Hip Hop & Electronic) EDM (Electronic Dance Music & Pop) World Music (Instrumental) Pop (Upbeat Urban)

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Bancs Media’s cutting-edge music production house specializes in artist production, music licensing and commercials. We are a one-stop shop with a catalogue that encompasses everything from pop, folk, hip-hop, trap, rock, and beatport top 40-esque tracks, to epic new age, cinematic orchestral tunes.

Some of our current and past clients / collaborators include Nipsey Hussel, Bone Thugs N' Harmony, Scott Storch, Laze & Royal, Grammy Award Winning Dancehall Producer Tony "CD" Kelly, Matisyahu, Nick Hogan, Brooke Hogan, The Agency (Producers of Meek Mills, John Legend, Rick Ross), and Diplo (Major Lazer).

Music News

  • Just Wanted Your LoveBonhom, made up of James Coleman and Diwon (who also produces as h2the) release the first single off their third album, “Love Is War”....
  • We Are The Masters (Thetik Remix) Out Now!Bonhom, made up of James Coleman and Diwon (who also produces as h2the) release the first remix off their sophomore album, “Love Is Not...
  • h2the at The Art of TechOne of h2the's DJ sets from The Art of Tech is now up! (check back for footage from the h2the live band set!)
  • Saycyl & h2the “Too Deep” Out Now!Too Deep is a contemporary love song designed like a vibrant painting inspired by the romantic period and the work of artists such as...
  • Homesick with Hannah EmersonWe are so excited for you to finally hear the first song in an EP of songs that Diwon and Nathan Ben David produced...
  • Nothing In My HeadAfter hearing Richie Quake’s song ‘Nothing In My Head’ come on right after his own on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” playlist, h2the was immediately taken...
  • Richie Quake’s DreamsWe are obsessed with Dreams, both actual and this song by Richie Quake - ! Richie Quake is a born and raised Brooklyn singer, songwriter,...
  • Howl At The Moon with Sirken, h2the and Kalli TherinaeJames Coleman and Diwon of Bonhom are back - only this time as Sirken and h2the! Fresh off the Spotify premiere of their latest...
  • Gotta Let You Go, h2the & FLAVIA“Turn off the lights, can't go outside, board up the windows to my mind, take a step back, won't see the tunnel till the...
  • ‘High On You’ Screening at Laemmle Royal Theatreh2the's 'High On You' will be screening on Oct 30th at the Laemmle Royal Theatre as part of the 10th Annual Los Angeles REEL...