With over fifteen years writing, producing and performing, most notably with Maverick Records and Warner Brothers, Sirken (James Coleman) has toured and performed internationally and has licensed songs for commercials, compilations, and various film projects. As one half of Bonhom, his infectious dream-pop band with Diwon, Coleman crafts songs that defy genres and labels blending elements of folk, pop, hip hop, edm and rock.

When Sirken isn’t busy producing and developing talent for sync and commercial release, he finishing his next singles and scouting talent to develop for the Bancs Music family. 

Music is Sirken’s cathartic passion and his way of communicating love, art and spirituality. Mere words can be misconstrued, but lyrical content with sound delivers much more than a simple conversation, it delivers energy.

Check out his latest release, “How I” featuring Belle Jewel as well as the alt version with h2the & REV-ENG.