Ghost of Jericho

James Coleman, the voice of Bonhom, releases a solo project by the name Ghost of Jericho. The ‘Ein Ani’ EP which in Hebrew means, There is no I, was produced, ironically, in full by the I that is Coleman, but the content and themes find the artists on a spiritual path to enlightenment where the names meaning guides the music and message. The album came out of experiencing a divorce, which Coleman says was by far the most single sorrowful moment of his life. So, despite the tail of losing love, he decided to journal his feelings and thoughts through producing his own album, in essence creating the record, was his therapy and saw him through to the other side. Coleman says, “It was the single most healing aspect in my life, would have bottled up all the mixed emotion and withered away.”

‘Ein Ani’ shows an expressive artist who marches to his own beat and constructs his own instruments. The sound that is delivered throughout the release mixes elements of dark pop, rock, and industrial music influenced by John Lennon, Jesus, Trent Reznor, Martin Gore, and Steven Covey.

Music is Coleman’s cathartic passion and his way of communicating love, art and spirituality. Mere words can be misconstrued, but lyrical content with sound delivers much more than a simple conversation, it delivers energy.

Stream Ghost of Jericho’s first single, “Babylon”.
Single and music video out January 2017.