Interactive Design & Website Creation

Bancs Media specializes in knowing your brand inside and out in order to create content that reflects the essence of your entity. We create interactive design, responsive websites, shareable content and easy to navigate platforms that are dynamic and fresh while being both timeless and contemporary. This includes, portfolio sites, e-commerce, landing pages, video-focused websites, custom software, database-driven platforms; you name it, we create it. We mirror the hard work you put into your brand with our creative energy and production of your public face. Our designs blend the look and feel of your entity with the practicality and user-functionality of a cutting-edge website. We work with brands, bands and businesses of all sorts.


Brand consistency is essential and we take care to work with companies of all sizes, creating a trend-setting aesthetic that bridges art and marketing, creating compelling content that rises above the existing digital noise. We learn your brand inside and out in order to create a brand that reflects the essence of your entity, making certain that the brand identity remains consistent in each medium, from online to offline, from a to z. We mirror the hard work that you put into your brand with our creative energy and production of your public face.

Video & Music Production

We are an award-winning, cutting-edge production company that creates trend-setting work that stands on its own as compelling entertainment.  Our productions become viral pieces that bridge art and marketing, creating compelling content that rises above the existing digital noise. We help you stand out with shareable videos that have messages and meaning. Our specialty is producing pieces that are wholly dynamic and fresh while being both timeless and contemporary.

Social Media, PR

Bancs Media is the exclusive PR agency for the Sephardic Music Festival, My Wiki Pro, Y-Love, Culture Pop and for many other cutting-edge brands and artists. Our staff is devoted to the music, brands and artists we represent; we're fans ourselves! Bancs Media prides itself on building long-term relationships with clients and carefully selects artists and brands that demonstrate talent and innovation. We develop, facilitate, and maintain lasting and rewarding careers for everybody we represent.

Wiki Work

As seen in the New York Daily News, Time,, NBC and Bloomberg TV, Bancs Media's Wikipedia editing branch (My Wiki Pro) researches, writes, posts, revises and updates high-quality, thorough Wikipedia entries on individuals and companies. With over 2.5 billion monthly page views in the US, a Wikipedia entry is great for SEO, and is a strong reflection of legitimacy and importance. Our approach is academic, and our goal is to add/revise factually accurate, properly-sourced subjects of public interest in Wikipedia.

If you are interested in a Wikipedia entry or if you have any questions about the submission process, please email.

[email protected]

Online Marketing

No two clients are the same and what is necessary for one client differs from what another requires.  This is why our online marketing is individualized and personalized; we take the time to develop a unique Internet marketing solution for each and every client with whom we work. There are not pre-packaged deals, we treat our online marketing as an in-depth assessment, strategy and execution plan which includes industry-leading SEO, Pay Per Click, and Display Marketing. We have helped countless brands across the country to get better results online, amping up traffic and conversions.

Google Manual and Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

If your site has experienced a sudden drop in traffic and Google page ranking, there is a good chance you were hit with a Google penalty.  This can be due to a low quality black hat SEO of which Google does not approve, or due to a site that Google considers low quality. We can recover your site from these penalties and get you back into Google’s good graces.

Email Marketing

We have an email list with 70 million double opt-in names. We granularly target specific demographics with carefully crafted marketing messages designed to maximize open rates as well as conversions. We can filter by age, gender, income, zip code, and many other metrics to laser target the perfect audience for your product or service.

Text Message Marketing

We craft specially designed text message marketing campaigns to keep you in touch with your existing customers, or use proven strategies to grow your text message marketing list.

Brand Protection & Trademark Registration

While branding your company with us, we offer an additional service: our graphic artists will work closely with our trademark lawyers to ensure your branding will not only look great, but will also be completely original and legal, in order to avoid problems down the road. Too often, it is only after investing time and capital in brand development that a company learns that their branding infringes upon the trademark(s) of another company. They may have to start all over again, losing the consumer recognition and reputation they have worked so hard to build. We ensure from the start that this will not happen, and can even register your company name and logo as a trademark, to prevent others from using them in your industry.

App Development

Our team of mobile app developers are passionate about our clients’ innovative ideas and assisting them in the architecture, bringing their dreams to life. We take the clients’ vision and create a world for it across mobile app platforms (iOS & Android..) that are both intuitive and powerful.

Our clients include:

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