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Sex War



Los Angeles based songwriting duo Bonhom is a new pop project co-created by James Coleman and Diwon. The two produce their own unique brand of epic dream like pop which you may have heard on your favorite TV programs. Bonhom recently had their song “Live for the Now” featured in the season premier of Witches of Eastend. Their single NYE has been picked up by Indaba Music and is currently being remixed by over 35 countries.

With their new album, Sex War, to be released on January 20, the two defy genres and labels as they blend elements of folk, pop, hip hop, edm and rock into the unmistakable sound of Bonhom.

Sex War includes a diverse mix of innovative tracks that blend pop, rock, and electronic elements. “NYE” builds from a bass-driven atmospheric refrain into a massive rock hook, while infectious party anthems like “Animal” and “Top of the World” get your heart pumping. Bjork and Depeche Mode are the inspiration for “Your Eyes.” The singles, “Live for Now” and “Get Up, Stand Up (Sign of Life),” embody Bonhom’s main message to live in the moment, let go of the past, and embrace the future.

The theme of the album is the dichotomy of life, hence the title “Sex War”, where sex and war are synonyms of “life and death.” Songs like “Animal” and “Sex War”, at first listen, sound sexually oriented with a hint of misogyny, but essentially the lyrics are influenced by Proverbs (wisdom and folly). Juxtaposed against those, songs like “Get Up, Stand Up (Sign of Life),” are about the determination to stand up and speak your mind, to not be afraid and to not give up* our game; to be genuine and fight for it.

Coleman is an experienced writer, producer, and performer, most notably withMaverick Records and Warner Brothers. He has toured and performed internationally and has licensed songs for commercials, compilations, and various film projects. For Coleman, music is a path to self-actualization even as it enables him to empathize with all types of people.

With over a decade of experience producing and performing, Diwon skillfully blends psychadelia with modern electro hip-hop, dancehall, and pop. Dubbed a “buzzmaking beatsmith” by The DJ Booth, URB noted that “Diwon is something else…in a profound kind of way,” calling his sound titillating and “juicy for the ears.” The Village Voicedescribed his productions as “adventurous and banging.” while 2DOPEBOYZ and Vibe Magazine’s noted Diwon’s rap flips of 80′s inspired sonics.

With a fantastic fusion of their musical talents, Coleman and Diwon produce the songs of which dreams are made.

released 20 January 2015