Behind the Scenes of Norm Maxwell’s “Channel 7: A Composition in G Major”

Be sure to save the date and RSVP for our artist talk with Norm Maxwell April 19th at 7pm at our Gallery 38 space. The exhibit will be on view to the public through April 26th.

Norm Maxwell is an American Contemporary Artist based in Los Angeles. His work is a commentary on social issues concerning Politics, Religion, Mythology, Popular and Urban Culture. Maxwell’s signature style references a broad range of genres, merging traditional techniques with his graffiti-esque aesthetic to create a rich and diverse visual language that is uniquely his own.

The exhibition entitled “Channel 7 (GBDF)” is a series of visual musical compositions where the 7th Channel denotes the G chord in the musical scale. The number seven is a mystic and spiritual number that is synonymous with creation.

We are honored to launch the gallery opening with Maxwell as the first muralist for his work speaks of visual resurgence and conveys a positive abstract message that any collector or curious aesthete would enjoy.

Gallery 38 is located at 5376 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016

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Gallery 38 is located at 5376 W. Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016

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