The Light of the Infinite by Erez Safar

In the Light of the Infinite book series, Erez Safar, helps readers to fall in love with life, and become light through weekly bursts of ancient Jewish mystic inspiration! Light of the Infinite’s goal is to radiate positivity from within, to be able to dive into oneself and search beyond the realm of consciousness. The series is focused on bringing in more blessings into one’s life through connecting to oneself and being present through stories, examples and kabbalistic wisdom.

Safar acts as your spiritual DJ, curating mystical insights and how to live in love by expounding on the infinite light of Kabbalah radiating through the Torah.

Just like on the dance floor, where the right song at the right moment can elevate our physical being, this book hits all the right beats for our spiritual being.

The first two of the five books in the series, titled, The Genesis of Light and The Exodus of Darkness are available now at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. The third book, The Sound of Illumination, will hit stores on February 22nd.

The following review by world famous street artist, Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant), does a great job of summarizing the books; “While our culture often exacerbates feelings of inadequacy, stress, competition, and isolation, Erez Safar’s Light of the Infinite offers a welcome illumination of philosophies and practices that calm inner turmoil and cultivate positivity. We are all seeking joy and harmony inside and outside ourselves… this book provides valuable tools to advance that quest.”

Be on the look out for Erez Safar and Deepak Chopra in ‘Conversation at The Intersection of Cutting Edge Science and Spirituality’ in the coming weeks.

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