Bonhm’s Light of the Sun

Bonhom, made up of James Coleman (Sirken) and Diwon (who also produces as h2the) release the second single off their third album, “Love Is War”. The song, titled, “Light of the Sun”, brings Bonhom’s signature genre-defying style to it as Coleman asks, “Are you having fun with a loaded gun, aimed right at my heart?” as he moves to the hook proclaiming, “Love is War”.

Songs by Bonhom find themselves all over TV having been played and premiered on Bravo, Lifetime, and MTV, and premiered on shows such as Marvel’s Runaways, Vanderpump Rules, Elementary, and Witches of Eastend with their second single “NYE” being remixed by producers in over 35 countries.

The two, with the help of super engineer Scott McKay Gibson, defy genres and labels as they blend elements of folk, pop, hip hop, edm and rock into the unmistakable sound that is Bonhom.

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