Car Seat Headrest(ing) and it feels so good.

We went from Death Cab for Cutie‘s Passenger Seat to Car Seat Headrest, bumping Will Toledo’s new album, ‘Teens of Denial’ at Bancs, and blown away by this kid who was born on the year that much of the music he is influenced by was bubbling (1992). This solo project brings to mind Lou Reed and My Bloody Valentine with lots of velvety grunge.
Toledo, who chose the name “Car Seat Headrest” due to his decision to record the vocals of his first albums in the back seat of his car for privacy, has released 12 albums via bandcamp in six short years. ‘Teens of Denial’ is his first proper release via Matador Records home to some epic apparent influences Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, Mission of Burma, Mogwai, Modest Mouse, Liz Phair, Guided By Voices, Cornelius, and even a release by Lou Reed himself. Pitchfork praises the record as, “[Toledo] reaffirms that he is ahead of the pack as an imaginative singer-songwriter, capable of crafting dynamic indie rock.”

Toledo’s production has increasingly become less lo-fi, while still capturing the overall indie aesthetic and DIY ethic.

Check out ‘Teens of Denial’.

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