Culture Pop IV

Studio Bancs continues its popular mixed media collaborative art and installation event dubbed Culture Pop. The event, which takes place once a month, features some of the most visible and sought after artists in and around Los Angeles and the world. Culture Pop IV will feature The Producer BDB, Tslil Tsemet, NDSLA, KillYRSLF (Johnny Brushstrokes), Shlome J. Hayun, Lucas Raynaud, Kiko and AngelOnce with live painting and performances by Slim Jeff x Miles Davis, Diwon and more.

Culture Pop IV will take place December 18th at 8pm at Studio Bancs (2643 S. Fairfax Ave, Culver City, CA 90232). The series, curated by ArtAboveReality and Studio Bancs, is Free to the Public with an RSVP. (email: [email protected])

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The Producer BDB

BDB born Bryan Avila in Los Angeles, CA is a contemporary artist, graphic designer and music producer. A self taught artist since childhood Bryan started as a traditional fine artist. As a teen he evolved into a street artist going by the moniker BDB. After High School he purchased a Roland Fantom keyboard and began producing music and started The BTC Project. Inspired by artist such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. In 2013 BDB traveled to work and show in galleries in Rio De Janeiro, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Berlin and Paris.. He resides in his studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Tslil Tsemet

Tslil Tsemet’s work has been called “tactless kinky realism” where she examines the human species based upon the social and cultural values to which they are inextricable and to the ideals that society grasps in order to maintain sanity. Tsemet paints and sculpts with the use of symmetrical composition, blurring the lines between kitsch and sacrament, sanctifying the so called amoral and secular in modern situations. The work plays with mythological illustration and stories, where the modern, western mind completes the tale. Tsemet who lives and works in Tel Aviv, one of the most exciting cities in the Middle East, is also a tattoo artist. She received her B.F.A at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and was the named artist of the year by Calcalist magazine. Her work has been featured in Alfred Gallery, The Petach Tikva Museum, and The Municipal Art Gallery to name a few. Tsemet will show selected works from her private collection at Studio Bancs’ mixed medium art series, Culture Pop IV this December.


Something about the art of Angel Once – – the way he flows with a spray can has caught the attention of young and mature audiences alike. He is a graffiti artist and the original creator of the Pink Angry Elephant. From painting walls, murals to galleries and most recently with his new obsession of hand crafting one of a kind designer toys. He came out with his pink elephant character and has been seen painting across Southern California. His philosophy for accomplishment is to continue to push hard and spread the angry elephant love across all nations.

Lucas Raynaud

Lucas moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue a career in dance. After traveling the world dancing for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Mariah Carey he stumbled on art. He started painting all the things he grew up admiring from NES characters to Michael Jordan to Calvin and Hobbes. Lucas likes to think of his art as random and nostalgic. He has recently began building life size installations out of wood and testing out all different mediums. He currently works out of his studio in Pasadena, CA.


Kiko is a Moroccan born Los Angeles based mixed media artist . Kiko infuses kaleidoscopic colors with multimedia graphics to create haunting and perceptive tributes to hollywood starlets, sports legends, composers, artists and musicians.