Hunnypot with Barney Bones

Barney Bones performs as part of the Hunnypot series live at The Mint!

Check back for more details:

7PM // FREE // 6010 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90035

About Barney Bones: When you make timeless music, you’ve captured something in present day that still evokes a strong emotional response for years to come. From Afrika Bambaataa, to Nirvana, to LCD Soundsystems, their music felt retro, contemporary, and forward thinking all at the same time. One rapper out of South Central Los Angeles, Barney Bones, aims to join those ranks, sooner than later.

From a young age way before Rap Genius, Barney listened to and wrote down some of his favorite lyrics on his CD player in awe, eventually mastering his delivery and storytelling skills. His passion to share his stories and vivid imagery directed him to the mic, especially as he saw the stress and dissatisfaction of these around him continue to escalate as a result of their nine-to-fives. Now Barney Bones is reintroducing himself to the world with his eclectic tastes and earnest desire to share the beautiful thoughts in his mind.