300BAUD “Separation.Connection,”

300BAUD is pleased to present “Separation.Connection,” a solo-exhibition of new works developed uniquely for the artist’s first Los Angeles show.

Gallery 38
5376 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Opening reception: Sunday, September 4th 6:30pm

“Separation.Connection” continues 300BAUD’s investigation into the creative possibilities of consumer technology. The artist produces work on a mobile device, challenging us to consider our pocket-gadgets as engines of creation, not simply appendages for information grazing. In “Separation.Connection,” 300BAUD renders images on a classically organic substrate — hot pressed rag paper — juxtaposing the digital onto a fibrous, silky substrate.
“Separation.Connection” is a deeply personal exhibition, motivated by the creative power of division and the examination of boundaries that align our lives. 300BAUD’s work grapples with the contemplative balm of aloneness amid hunger for association.
The richly-hued “Separation” series draw from the ritual candle used on Saturday nights during the traditional Havdalah service that symbolically divides the profundity of the Sabbath day

from the quotidian concerns of the work-week. 300BAUD developed these images over the course of two years, abstracting and saturating the source material. Archival pigment bleeds into the paper’s cotton fibers, leaving subtle hints of pixilation that allude to the artist’s process.
The electrifying “Connection” works began as digital images captured during 300BAUD’s travels in Morocco and concentrate on the lattice of satellite dishes and television antennas that punctuate the roof-scapes of the Medina. The ancient and modern cohabitate, and today’s content — often produced in Southern California — traverses sky to land in century-old structures. 300BAUD digitally painted these images in luminous shades, a nod to the imagination of candy-colored Hollywood dreams.
300BAUD was born in 1976 in New York, NY. The artist lives and works in Denver, Colorado. Prior exhibitions include: Denver Museum of Contemporary Art Auction (2015), “Pocket Dial”
Dada Art Bar, Denver (2014), “Spatial Relations” 1 Leroy Street, New York (2014).

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