Le Retour de la Lumière

Johanna Tordjman is an international artist who is known for her schizophrenic portraits. “Le Retour de la Lumière”, her latest exhibition will make its way to Los Angeles as a 3 day pop up exhibit at Gallery 38. Le Retour de la Lumière, marks the artist’s first solo show and includes paintings, mixed media, and a sculpture that reflect Tordjman’s emotions. “Lying in my bed, it might be around 5 am. I’m trying to remember the exact things that I’ve seen that night. For some reason, scientists say it’s common when your brain erase informations, I’m now struggling to get it all back. I’ve been crying for hours now, I just brought a mirror into my bed so I can see how I look like when I’m desperate.” Le Retour de la Lumière, is French for : The Return of the Light. In physics, it symbolizes the reflection of our own in a mirror. And also the hope coming back after a hard time. Tordjman chose to represent emotions, struggles. Enter the void, navigate through the different steps she’s been through.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Johanna Tordjman is a Parisian visual artist working in the mediums of painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. Inspired by the Surrealism and Cubism movements, she produces portraits that merge moods with outward appearances. Tordjman dislocates and dismembers her models, recreating another truth. She reflects the tumult of thoughts and emotions that lie beneath our surfaces and fundamentally shape our identities

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Gallery 38 is located at 5376 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 1 – 6pm.