How To Help The Sudanese Right Now

If you’ve checked the news then you already heard about the atrocities being committed in Sudan right now, (including rape, murder, other acts of extreme violence, with a nationwide internet blackout).

George Clooney just published an essay on Politico about what is going on including specific ways Congress can help. You can help as well, see the list below for how;

Call or text Congress:
Call 202-224-3121 and enter your zip code to be connected with your congressional leader’s office, and tell them you want them to support the Sudanese people.

If you prefer to text Congress, text RESIST to 50409.

Donate to UNICEF, Save the Children, and the International Rescue Committee:
UNICEF works to help and protect children all across the world, Save the Children has been working in Sudan for decades, and the International Rescue Committee helps displaced families. There’s no doubt many, many children are being impacted by what’s happening in Sudan right now, and many families are fleeing and being displaced to avoid the conflict.

Sign a petition:
This petition demands that the United Nations investigate the military’s June 3 attack.

Post on social media:
Posting about social, political, or humanitarian issues on social media can be a great way to raise awareness. If you’re concerned about what’s happening in Sudan, spread the word to your friends and followers. Just be sure to share accurate reports and legit organizations people can donate their time and money to!

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