Karma Music Video is Finally Out!

Marky Style & Guy Gabriel, the producers behind the smash, Karma, came to the US from Israel to make hits and that is exactly what they have been doing. Out of their studio in Los Angeles, the two teamed up with vocalist, Roxanne, for their latest single, “Karma” which opens on a trapped up Mediterranean riff and explodes into a pop sound with trap undertones.

The music video, produced by Bancs Media’s Erez Safar and directed by Jonty Fine, pokes fun at the mainstream’s constant obsession with female image and perfection and we find Roxanne leading her girls into force feeding each other donuts in unattractive ways and poking fun at the industry’s monetization of appearance and content through a generic print out of ‘Product Placement’ thrown on to random objects that come into full focus. The striking style shines a bright light on art director, Lana Shaw’s distinctive aesthetic.

“Creating this video gave me an opportunity to express my experiences with rejecting certain stereo types as a young girl. The karma representing our society and what it is currently going through with all of the woman’s rights and the uproar of our people now speaking out about the stereotypes and inequality for woman. There is a society and industry standard for how women should be, act, and express their art that is contradictory the the creative process, of an artists journey, or even how we feel and operate – thus perpetuating the falsehoods that create the masks women are forced to wear and place us firmly in those boxes that no longer apply to us, and never did.” says Roxanne.

Hit making producer from Israel, Guy Gabriel moved to the US to do what he always wanted to do since childhood, make music that the whole world would hear. After moving to LA, not really looking at himself as an artist but rather a producer and a songwriter, trying to get his songs to the biggest artists, he decided that instead of waiting for other artists to put his music out, he would do it himself. He then met up with fellow Israeli DJ/producer Marky Style who released several club bangers that made it to the radio and to the biggest tastemaker channels online. Guy and Marky immediately clicked making music that rivaled radio with their infectious melodies and banging beats.

http://youtu.be/Mwj9XhSo4Cc x http://vevo.ly/tUl06P

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