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Bonhom releases their NYE remix in time for the New Year. The original slowly builds from a bassdriven atmospheric swell into a party rock anthem while the remixes give dubstep, nu disco and house a run for it’s money. The first remix is by All Dom Wrong the founder of Plant Music who Bonhom found after hearing his MNDR remix of “Sparrow Voices”. His remix brings a fresh nu disco, slow house feel, while the second remix brings a bit more of an in your face assault from Producer/ DJ duo Neutron – made up of Hollywood producers, Laze & Royal responsible for some of the hottest songs by Tyga, The Game, Chris Brown, Ke$ha and more

“NYE” was produced by Bonhom, a new pop project co-created by two musical masterminds: singer-songwriter/producer, James Coleman and DJ/producer/songwriter, Diwon. Together, they produce their own unique brand of epic dreamlike pop. As we count down to New Years Eve, we will undoubtedly sing along as Coleman shouts anthemicaly, “We’re Traveling Our Destiny, This Is Our Message Feed: It Feels Like New Years Eve, And We’re Ready For Anything”.

Their latest single, “Live for Now” blended danceable beats to dreamy vocals, combining a classic pop sound infused with a modern 2013-style production while their latest video teaser was set to the to infectious party anthem “Animal.” Much of their songs are about living in the moment, letting go of the past, and embracing the future. With a fantastic fusion of their musical talents, Coleman and Diwon produce the songs of which dreams are made.

Check out their latest single, “Live for Now” which includes a remix by Neutron and a much anticipated music video slated for premiere on January 4th! –
Produced by Diwon and James Coleman 

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released 29 December 2012