‘On My Body’ Premieres on Chill Nation!

“On My Body”, the follow up to “Karma” is out and with a hot premiere on Chill Nation.

Watch it now @ youtu.be/GF7w1DOlbng

Stream/DL it @ Spotify | iTunes | Bandcamp

* Marky Style & Guy Gabriel, the producers behind the smash, Karma, which is currently featured on 30,000 Spotify playlists, came to the US from Israel to make hits and that is exactly what they have been doing. Out of their studio in Los Angeles, the two teamed up with vocalist, Tima Dee, for their upcoming single, “On My Body” which opens with Tima singing, “You and me are too damn fine, so know you got me, you should be under me, not overthinking, cuz I don’t need you on my mind, just on my body”. The song jumps between intimate and beautiful with just Tima’s voice over a kick and snare into a full out party rocking trap drop with chopped up vocals with synths to match.


Producer: Erez Safar/Bancs Media
Director: Jonty Fine
DP: Jose Espinoza
Hair & Makeup: Hayley Woolfolk


Angela Fairley
Michael Schuur
Lutong Guo
Jake Keating
Alyssa Zidek
Ulices Gil
Kristin Carpenter
Martin Lino
Auriel Branson
Alexander Hadley
Cynthia Strahan
Tre Medina

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