Ryan Adams 1974 version of Taylor Swift’s 1989

Ryan Adams covers Taylor Swift’s 1989 track by track making one of our favorite new releases. Perhaps playing some of Taylor Swift songs on an acoustic was a way to cope with his break up with Mandy Moore, perhaps it was a genius marketing move, but one thing is for certain, the songs are heartfelt, very real and full of emotion. Listening to the 1989 album like this is starting to make me think Max Martin is working with the wrong folks, but one look at his account balance and then I realize he is probably on the right track.

It all began with Adams posting short samples of the tracks on his Instagram. Swift tweeted Adams immediately with an, “is this true??????? I WILL PASS OUT,”. They weent back and forth on social…. “Badass tunes, Taylor. : ) We’re sandblasting them and they’re holding steady,” Adams wrote….“Cool I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight or ever again and I’m going to celebrate today every year as a holiday. I’M CALM,” Swift replied.

Here is Ryan Adams looking like a cross between Rivers Cuomo and Austin Powers playing ‘Blank Space’ live.

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