The Cojones Series Are Here!

You just might recognize the Eazy-E piece from the 12 foot mural outside of Gallery 38. Well, this Beyonce is one of the latest in the Cojones series by Knowledge Bennett and we are extremely honored and excited to have 11 super limited edition prints from Knowledge Bennett’s ‘Cojones’ series including, “Basquiat, Beyonce, Biggie, Obama, Tupac, Grace Jones and more. You could get one before they sell out by going to our online gallery, here or emailing [email protected]. Knowledge Bennett is a self-taught visual artist with roots in Harlem N.Y. as well as Asbury Park, N.J. With an audacious approach, his character reimagined silk-screened paintings have taking the art world by storm and have single handedly awaken the art enthusiast in many far and near. 

His latest series titled “Cojones” has art aficionados and novice appreciators alike foaming at the mouth. “Cojones” is a series where Mr. Bennett has taking a 1989 publicity still of Hip Hop artist Slick Rick, captured by music industry photographer Janette Beckman and transformed it into various popular culture influencers of old and new. From one character to another each finished painting takes on a meaning of it’s own. Yet collectively the series has come to represent the ultimate statement in defiance, courage and independence.

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