A Tribe Called Tes, #tbt

#tbt words from Diwon, “I have been a massive Tes fan since I moved to NY years back. I still remember the spontaneous vinyl parties that would pop off in my Bushwick apartment and how I would drop “New New York” off his “x2” record released by Lex Records (the label that put out the hottest left field hip hop by Danger Mouse, Prince Po and Tes). I never dreamt that Tes himself would end up being behind the very turntables I djed his music from, but a few years later I moved to another loft in Bushwick and bumped into him, and he became a mainstay for all our legendary McKibbin loft parties. That said, it gives me a huge amount of pleasure to be the first one to let the world know about and download his mixtape, “A Tribe Called Tes”.

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